Revised May 25, 2018

We highly respect the privacy of our clients and business partners we work with. Please read our Privacy Policy to know what information and for what purposes we collect, disclose to third parties and how you can change this information, delete it and pass it along.

Alutech offers to its customers the possibility to use its online service and Alutech website services. By using our online services, Alutech website services you agree with this Privacy Policy, as well as with the purposes and conditions of your personal data processing.

If you do not agree with the terms of Alutech Privacy Policy and the purposes and conditions of your personal data processing specified in this Privacy Policy, you should stop using online service and Alutech website services.

It is possible that you are an enterprise and you will authorize one of your employees – who is a natural person, whose personal data is involved on your behalf while using the online service or Alutech website services – to work with online service or Alutech website services. In this case you are fully responsible for the fact that a person or persons whose personal data is submitted acknowledge this, understand and agree on how Alutech uses their data according to this Privacy Policy.


We need your data for the following operations:

  • registration of your order and its processing, placing into production, providing quality control over the produced Alutech products;
  • consulting and support services for your online order of Alutech products;
  • your identification during the online service usage or Alutech website services usage when you place your request (order, other application) and execute the agreements (Contracts), processing and fulfilling your requests (orders, subscriptions);
  • contacting you including through the sending notifications and information connected to the usage of online service or Alutech website services, execution of agreements (Contracts), fulfilment of your requests (orders, subscriptions, other applications);
  • improvement of online services and Alutech website services based on the statistics of website visits, sales and user feedback regarding the services provided by Alutech;
  • improvement of Alutech marketing, website and its online services;
  • target advertising;

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, when placing an order (request, other application) through online service or Alutech website service we ask you to provide the following personal data: full name, contact information, e-mail address of the person who places an order (request, other application) through online Alutech service, delivery address.

We also automatically collect anonimised information about your operations with online service or Alutech website service, including viewed pages or content, made requests, placed orders and other activities on the site, as well as your IP-address, access time, software and hardware data, device information, device event data, unique identifiers, information about malfunctions, cookie data, and information about the pages you viewed prior to AService.

We do not collect or process specific categories of personal data referring to either race or ethnicity, political views, religious and philosophic beliefs, genetic information, biometric data, health information or personal data of people under the age of 18.


When using the online service or Alutech website service, by accepting the conditions of this Privacy Policy, you voluntarily and for your own benefit pass along to us your personal data or the personal data of your employees and give your active consent for its storage and processing, or you guarantee such a consent on behalf of your employees whose personal data is provided during making an order (request, other application).

However, you (natural person) have the right to withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy by sending the correspondent e-mail to

The fact that consent is withdrawn does not affect the legality of permitted data collection, storage and processing performed prior to the withdrawal.

Besides, you (natural person) have the right to do the following:

  • to get access to your data as well as to the information about the purposes of its processing, recipients, storage period;
  • to require us to correct or complete the provided personal data. You are responsible for the relevance of the information provided. We do not check the reliability of data you provide;
  • to require us to provide you with a copy of your personal data in a standard, structured and computer-readable form and/or to pass this information to another service provider provided there is such technical opportunity;
  • to require removal of your personal data if there are special reasons (the data is no longer required for the purposes it was received; you have withdrawn your consent to the personal data processing; personal data was processed illegally, etc.) as well as to pass this requirement to other controllers;
  • to restrict data processing if there are special reasons (the data is inaccurate; processing is illegal however you object against removing the data, etc.);
  • to require termination of operation with your personal data used for direct marketing;

To implement any of your rights you can send us an e-mail with the respective request or requirement to


If you (natural person) want to withdraw the given consent to use your data for giving you access to online service or Alutech website service, you can send a request for removal of personal data to

After fulfilling your request to remove your personal data, we completely and irrevocably delete it.

Please be aware that in case of us getting a request for personal data removal, the following rules apply:

  • we have the right to partially save your personal data within the legitimate interests of our business, in particular for the purposes of combating fraud and improving safety;
  • we have the right to delete not all of your personal data and store and use it to the extent necessary and sufficient to comply with legal requirements of the country of data storage and/or processing;
  • due to the implementation of protection against accidental or deliberate damage or data loss, the backup copies of your personal data will be deleted with a certain delay;

Your personal data in the form that allows us to identify you (specify the data subject) shall be deleted or anonimised automatically:

  • when the purpose of personal data processing is achieved;
  • when the personal data storage period under this Privacy Policy is expired;

Please, be aware that the information you have passed along to third parties (e.g. feedback, comments on sites) may remain public even after removing your data; however, the indication of your authorship will be deleted. Some copies of your information may be saved in our database with no possibility of personal identification


Third parties as well in different ways and for different reasons interact with Alutech online and website services. The main purpose is to pass the information about your online order or application (request, subscription) to the manufacturer. Other parties involved in achieving the above-mentioned purposes under this Privacy Police can also receive your data. In some cases, they can be governmental or other competent authorities.

Third-party service providers. We use the services of other organisations to process your personal data on our behalf. The data is processed for various purposes including sending marketing materials or verification of the e-mail address provided when completing and sending forms at Alutech website. Third-party service providers are bound to maintain confidentiality and have no right to use your personal data for any purpose other than that directly specified by Alutech.

Competent authorities. We pass the personal data along to law enforcement bodies to the extent required by legislation of the country of data storage and/or processing or strictly necessary to prevent, detect or stop criminal actions and fraud or if we are otherwise legally obliged to do that. Besides, we may need to transfer personal data to competent authorities to protect our rights or assets as well as the rights and assets of our business partners.

We also have the right to transfer personal data across the border to other state territory for the purposes of fulfilling the obligations regarding your offer and achieving other goals under this Privacy Policy.


We follow the required safety procedures to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data and misuse thereof.

We implement the appropriate corporate systems and procedures to protect the personal data provided. We also use security protocols and exercise technical and physical restrictions for personal data usage and access to it on our servers. Access to personal data is granted only to those Alutech employees who need it to perform their duties and in compliance with the personal responsibility principles.

We store your personal data during the period necessary and sufficient for you to use our services, as well as for us to provide them within the applicable legislation, to settle the disputes with any party, and for other purposes that allow us to perform commercial activities including detection and prevention of fraudulent or other illegal actions. Maximum storage period for personal data provided when using online services and Alutech website services is two years. If the legislation of the country of storage and/or processing of personal data establishes a different period of personal data storage, we store such data within the period established by the legislation.

This Privacy Policy applies to all stored personal data. If you have any questions regarding the specific storage period for certain kind of your personal data processed by us, you can contact us by e-mail


We reserve the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy anytime. The updated Privacy Policy is published at specifying the date of the last revision. We shall offer you to read the updated Privacy Policy when placing an order (request, other application) through online service or Alutech website service. Further use of online service and Alutech website services will be possible only after you confirm your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy and consent to its terms.

Revision of the Privacy Policy does not affect the legality of data collection, its storage and processing that have been performed prior to such revision and that do not comply with the terms of newly revised Policy.


Alutech service strives to make your work with our site most informative and beneficial to you. That is why we use cookies. We believe it is important for you to know which cookie files Alutech website uses and for what purposes. This will help us to protect your personal information and to ensure maximum comfortable use of our site.

Cookies contain small amounts of information and are downloaded to your computer or other device from Alutech website server. Each time you visit this website your browser sends cookies back to the server in order to be able to identify you and remember your user preferences.

Cookies can be used for the following purposes:

  • Firstly, strictly necessary cookies are required for correct operation of Alutech website, e.g. without cookies the site cannot memorise that you have logged in or made an order (request, subscription).
  • Secondly, analytical cookies are necessary for impersonal analysis and improvement of Alutech website as well as for counting the number of visitors. We do not associate website usage statistics and other records with specific people.
  • Thirdly, cookies for social media are used to integrate social networks with the website for you to use Like and Share features in your favourite social media.
  • In the fourth place, they are for interest-based online advertising. When you visit our partners websites, we can show you ads or other content that we believe you would like to see.

If you do not want to see personalized ads from Alutech, press here and choose “No” for “Receive adware tracking cookies” option.

By using Alutech website, you give your consent for us to download cookies into your computer or other device. You can, however, manage cookies. Please, be aware that deleting or blocking cookies may affect user interface and some blocks of the site can become unavailable.

You can find how to disable cookies or how to change cookie settings for a browser here:

Most browsers allow you to see cookies stored in your device and selectively delete or block cookies from certain or all websites. Please note that if you delete all cookies, all of your preferences will be lost, including the preference for not using cookies, since it implies the setting of a cookie that provides this feature. More information on how to change your browser's settings to block or filter cookies is available at or

We can also use technologies that track whether you have read, opened or forwarded certain messages received from us. The purpose of using these technologies is to make our means of communication more useful and attractive to the users. If you do not want us to receive the information about whether you have read, opened or forwarded certain e-mails, you should cancel your subscription. In this case, with deactivated tracking service we will not be able to send you e-mails. You can also cancel the subscription by following the instructions we will send you by e-mail.